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She said it with a playful smirk on her face, Yeah, even after 10 years, we're still good! You can see it in their eyes. Even after 10 years, these two still have the hots for each other!! He makes her smile. She makes him feel confident. Its so apparent that these two fools are still completely in love.

Josephines story about her relationship with Audly is the cutest story ever. They met as young teenagers who both worked at a nursing home. Audly had his eye out for Josephine right off the bat; but she was young, shy and even a bit nervous. Eventually, nervous turned into calm, flirting turned into chatting, and chatting turned into really getting to know one another. And before they knew it, these two teenagers were in love! Teenagers turned adults, Josephine and Audly have been together through thick and thin, and now its time to tie the knot.

Its not easy, but you can do it! Its not easy to take the plunge, and start something on your own. Its not easy to leave a world of security and boundaries, and step into the unknown. And its certainly not easy to have faith in yourself. Faith that YOU are capable of achieving that which you had only dreamed about until today. I dont claim to have any answers. I DO know that theres no silver bullet, no magic pill. Just plain old blood, sweat and tears. Some days are hard, and others are harder. Nothing comes easy, but then again youre not in it because its easy. When all is said and done, I promise, if you just work your butt off, do good work and do right by others good things will come your way. Its not easy, but you can do it!

It was a high school romance that was meant to be. Masud had his eye out for Luna when she was merely 17 years old. And while as a young teenager, Luna couldnt bother to give Masud the time of day; years later she found herself realizing that she could no longer spend a day without him. Their love is still young and playful at heart. They share smiles, laughs and giggles that cant help but make you want to smile just as well. Congratulations Luna and Masud cant wait to be a part of your big day!

He called me many months ago When are you free in August?, he asked. Rachana and I want to do our annual photo session with you, but this time Im going to propose can you be there?. I was so excited to hear the great news, and was completely honored that Peter wanted me to be a part of the special day. Not only was Peter about to do one of the most nerve-wracking things that any man might do, but he wanted it documented. Now thats a good man!! Peter worked really hard for months and months, planning all aspects of the special day. ALL of their friends knew about it, and he had even planned for a post-proposal party back home.

A few days before the shoot, Peter called and asked Ok, so at what point during the shoot do you think I should pop the question?. I could sense the nerves and excitement in his voice. Well do it right off the bat, I said. This way you dont have to walk around for 45 minutes with a ring in your pocket, and with jittery nerves. Lets have a code phrase. Ill say Wow, this is such a GREAT spot, and thatll be your queue to pop the question. So lo and behold, on the morning of our shoot, were back on the Esplanade (same memorable location as last years shoot), and I get Rachana and Peter into position. The lighting looks good, the background looks good, my camera settings were right on and bam!! I said it, Wow, this is such a GREAT spot. I waited and waited a little more. I wasnt sure if Peter heard me, or if he was nervous or what.

Maybe I should have spoken louder, or clearer. Ok Ok it just took a few seconds for Peter to get into the zone. He then pulled Rachana close, whispered in her ear and then got down on one knee. I was so excited but of course had to remember to keep clicking away!! Rachana gasped!! She had NO idea this was coming. And while Rachana shrieked in excitement, I had a grin from ear to ear. Not only was I so incredibly happy for Rachana and Peter, but at that very moment I thought to myself This is MY JOB!! How cool is this?!! And its moments and days like this, when I think to myself, Im so lucky to have the coolest job in the world!!